Sex therapy ends in a threesome!

Vanessa K., Kathy Anderson

Hands on Hardcore presents: What's up Guys, It's me Vanessa Mae and lately my boyfriend and I have been having our share of problems. We've been going to see a sex therapist but he wasn't much help at all. He sent to another Dr. who he said has a special practice so we decided to go see her to see if she could help. I sat in the chair flipping through a magazine across from Neeo who was sitting on ... show more

the sofa, he had a magazine as well and was trying his best not to watch. I spread my legs open and let my shoe dangle from my toes, teasing Neeo who I knew was watching my every move. I let my shoe fall to the floor and Neeo came right over, picking up my shoe and slipping it back on my foot as he slowly began caressing my leg up and down. We started kissing and I reached down and began rubbing my leg, slipping my hand between my thighs and rubbing my horny pussy. I began stroking his cock up and down with my foot and he opened up my jacket and started biting at my tits. I heard the door open and I knew it was the intern Kathy looking in on us, but she didn't say a word so we just kept going. Neeo slipped his finger inside my pussy and started sliding it in and out as he gazed into the outer office where Kathy the intern had gone. I couldn't see from where I was sitting but she must have been doing something nasty. I stood up and turned around and Neeo pulled down my skirt and panties down and then he started licking my sexy ass all over. Neeo pulled his cock out and stuck my panties in his mouth getting himself a little appetizer before the main course. I put my leg up on the table spreading my self open wide and he started licking my pussy up and down with his warm wet tongue as Kathy had come back to get a closer look at what we were doing. She came in and joined us as Neeo fingered and licked my pussy and she began taking off the rest of my clothes stripping me down to nothing but my bra. I sat back down in the chair and Neeo pulled Kathy's skirt down as we began touching and rubbing each others bodies. Kathy got down on her knees and took Neeo's shirt off as I got my happy ass up on the table and he went right back to licking my snatch. Kathy began sucking his cock as he continued licking me and then I got down and joined Kathy, sucking his cock and licking his balls. She stood up and they started kissing and Neeo began sucking on her tits as I jerked and sucked on his cock, making him as stiff and as slick as I could. I took a hold of his hard slicked up cock and stuck it right in her ass and started pumping his cock in and out as I licked his big round balls. He pulled his cock out of her ass and I eagerly sucked him off and then I stuck his cock back in her ass and he picked up right where he left off. Back and forth he went from her ass to my mouth and then she got down on her knees and we both licked and sucked his cock and balls. Kathy stood up and Neeo lifted her leg and slipped his cock in her pussy, watching her get fucked was making me even that much hornier. I started rubbing my pussy hoping that I would be next as I continued watching him fuck her pussy with long hard strokes. Kathy kneeled down and sucked his cock as I sucked on his balls and then Neeo sat down and I got on top of him face to face and shoved his cock up in my ass and started bouncing up and down. Kathy sat up on the arm of the chair just behind Neeo and he leaned back and started licking her pussy as I continued riding his cock and then I got down and sucked and jerked him off as he licked her twat from the bottom up. I got down and started sucking and jerking him off as he licked Kathy pussy up and down and then I got back on top this time with my ass facing him and slipped his cock in my pussy and Kathy started playing with my tits and took my bra off. Kathy got down on her knees and waited for him to pull out and then she sucked him twat marinated cock before sticking it back in my puss. Neeo fucked my pussy hard and strong and then he fucked my ass, back and forth from my ass to my cunt as he played with my tits. Kathy got on top of us facing Neeo and started fingering her ass a s Neeo kept right on pounding away at my tight and horny ass. Kathy got down and sucked his cock straight out of my ass, jerking and slurping up and down as she made nasty sounds. Neeo and I got up and then he put me back in the chair with Kathy on her knees on top and then he fucked her ass as I rubbed my wet and horny twat. Neeo pulled his cock from her ass and came over for me to suck and then he shoved his cock right back in her ass fucking her like he never stopped. Kathy and I got up and Neeo picked me up and started fucking my ass standing as Kathy tongued his balls from below. Neeo put me down and Kathy and I both licked and sucked his cock and balls and then Kathy laid across the chair and Neeo licked her pussy all over as I sat on the arm of the chair and played with her tits and nipples. Neeo stood up and slid his cock in her pussy fucking her cunt and then her ass as I was kneeling down waiting for my chance to suck him off. I got him all slicked back up and then he slid his cock back in her ass and I started licking her pussy as he slid his cock in and out, giving it every thing he had. Neeo pulled out just in time and shot his load off in my mouth and on her ass and then I slipped his cock in my mouth getting every bit of his cum that I could as Kathy rubbed what she had all over her sexy ass. I really don't know if Neeo and I are back on track but we had a lot of fun so I think we will be cumming back!

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Vanessa K., Kathy Anderson in Sex therapy ends in a threesome!