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ce of my own, so he wasn’t being very helpful at all. In fact he was being a complete Dick! Just because he has a Dick, doesn’t mean he had to be a Dick. But anyway after he took off two really nice guys offered to help me. One of them, Jimi was really aggressive, he let it be known right away that he wanted to get a piece of my ass. The other guy, Greg was more laid back, he seemed to be a little shy. I thought they were both very cute. After I was all moved in I invited them over for something cold to drink. They said that they would go get cleaned up & would come over later. When the boys came back over, I made us all something cold to drink. We sat on my sofa and talked for a bit. Then all of a sudden it became quite obvious to me that the Good boy Bad boy thing was all an act! They both started toughing me, rubbing their hands all over my tight little hard body. They began kissing me all over, licking and sucking on my tits. 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I grabbed Jimi’s big hard cock and stuck it in my pretty little mouth, I could taste the sweet juices from my wet pussy all over his cock. I continued licking and sucking all over his big thick cock as Greg slid his shaft in and out of my tight little ass. Greg slowly pulled his long hard cock out of my ass, leaving my ass gaped wide open, he then shoved his cock back up into my ass and started pounding my tight little ass with long hard strokes. Greg pulled his hard cock out of my ass and laid behind me, he slid his back in my ass and started fucking me from behind, hard and strong. I wrapped my pretty lips around Jimi’s big thick cock and bobbed my head up and down. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth as Greg kept pumping his cock in and out of my tight little ass. I could feel Greg’s balls slapping up against my wet pussy lips as he thrust his cock deeper into my ass over and over. 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