Hands on Hardcore presents: Guess who? It’s me Wiska, your young and horny blonde Ukrainian, back to do what you know I love to do. Strangely enough I hooked up with this temp job agency that specializes in out of the ordinary jobs. Recently they sent me to a casting agency, to be an assistant. When I got there the manager explained to me what my job would Intel. That’s when I realized this wasn’t just any... show more

casting agency. Let me tell you, this job was right up my alley! No pun intended. Let me put it to you this way……........... I was sitting on the sofa reviewing the casting photos, the two guys came in. I needed to record the size of the models cocks for the agencies data base. After acquiring my required information… Well let’s just say I conducted my own personal survey. I took a hold of the first models cock and slid it in my mouth. I started sucking him off, bringing him to a full erection. Then I slowly slid his cock across my tongue pulling him from my mouth and did the same to the other guy, slurping and slobbering all over both their cocks from top to bottom. I laid down on my side and wrapped my lips tightly around Charlie’s thick cock and started bobbing my head up and down. Rudy had begun licking and kissing my pussy all over, tonguing and sucking on my clit. He slid his fingers inside my cunt and began moving then in and out, he was making my horny snatch all wet. I open up wide and bobbed my head, deep throating Charlie’s cock, I sucked up and down the entire length of his hard shaft, getting straight nasty with it. They take off my shirt, Charlie started licking my asshole and fingering my pussy before slowly stuffing his long hard cock in my tight twat and sliding it in and out. I slid Rudy’s cock in my mouth, I started sucking and slobbering all over it, making it nice and slick while Charlie continued to ram his cock deeper into my cunt with every stroke. He slowly slid his hard slick cock from my wet pussy and I stuffed it into my mouth, sucking both their throbbing cocks at once. I laid back down and Charlie slid his cock back in my puss and started fucking me hard and fast. I hoovered Rudy’s thick cock into my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could, trying to suck the meat right off the bone. Charlie reeled long wet cock from my juicy twat and Rudy slid his in right in place, he started tagging my twat good, long stroken, hard and fast. Mean while I had stuffed Charlie’s cock back in my mouth and was performing my famous cock swallowing act,. then I sucked up and down his thick slobbery cock as Rudy kept sliding his throbbing in and out of my cunt hard and deep. Charlie laid down and I quickly got on top with my ass facing him, he stuffed his cock in my wet snatch and began fucking me even harder than before. Rudy shoved his big cock in my mouth and started fucking my face, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth over and over again. Charlie slid his cock from my pussy and slowly stuffed it in my tight little ass. He slid his cock in and out of my ass again and again, widening my asshole with every stroke. Charlie slowly pulled his thick cock out of my ass leaving my ass gaped wide open, then he stuffed his cock back up in my ass picking up right where he left off, customizing my asshole to be a perfect fit. Once again Charlie slowly pulled his thick cock out of my ass leaving it gaped wide open, I could feel the air rush up my ass when he pulled out, it felt so good. I got on all fours and Rudy mounted up from the rear, shoving his hard thick cock deep in my ass. I grabbed Charlie’s long cock and stuffed it back in my mouth and started sucking him off hard and strong, then I slid his slick cock from my mouth and licked his ball as Rudy kept pounding his cock deeper into my ass. Rudy pulled his thick cock from ass, Charlie laid down and I got on top with my ass facing him. He stuffed his thick cock up in my ass and Rudy slid his throbbing cock in my pussy. They started sliding their cocks in and out of my ass and twat with long hard stokes, they were both hitting parts unknown. Rudy slid his slick cock out of my pussy and stuffed it up in my ass along with Charlie’s. Together they gave my ass the fucking of a life time, my ass has never felt better. Rudy pulled his cock from my ass and slid it back in my pussy, he started pumping his cock hard and fast while Charlie was still having his way with my ass, sliding his thick cock in and out of my ass like nobodies business. Rudy slid his throbbing slick cock from my wet pussy and Charlie pulled his cock from my ass, I wrapped my lips around their cocks, sucking them off until they shot their creamy loads of jizz all over my pretty young face. I slid their freshly cummed cocks back in my mouth and sucked for any survivors then I swallowed their cum just so I could do a complete report.

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