Blind folded and drilled hard!

Constance Devil

1 by Day presents: Hi there Guys, did you miss me? It's me Constance D., D as in the devil that I am. I'm sorry that I've been away but the most important thing is that I'm back. Lately I've been much hornier than I normally am so I've been going out in search of some new cock. I hooked up with this guy named Joe Monti and well he's quite an act and he's got a big cock which never hurts and if it does it's usually a... show more

pleasurable thing. The first night we met he fucked me good and hard and then just to show it wasn't some fluke, he fucked my ass even harder the second time around, fucking me with no care at all. I invited him back over for round three of three, which just happens to be my lucky number so needless to say I can't wait to see what he'll do this time around. I was sitting on my bed playing with my boobs, rubbing and squeezing them, Joe came in and stood me up and then he blindfolded me, preventing me from seeing Joe reached from behind me and began playing with my breast, rubbing and squeezing them tightly in his hands, it made for quite an exotic experience being able to ear, feel and touch but not see. He pulled my tit out and began licking my big sensitive nipple and then he pulled out my other tit and started shaking both of them in his hands. Joe sat me down on the sofa and put my hands on his big thick cock and then he began playing with my tits as I stroked his quick growing cock. I could feel myself getting excited very fast, it's amazing what being blind folded does to your mind, I know it's only been a few minutes but I can feel myself breathing hard and my pussy was getting hot. I heard Joe unzip his pants and then he put my hard inside, I know Joe has a really big cock but it seemed even bigger than normal, like I told you before, not being able to see is really playing tricks on my mind. I stroked Joes cock up and down as he continued playing my breast and then I began rubbing his thick cock on my tits as he squeezed them both together. I opened my mouth up wide and slid his super sized cock inside, sucking him off just as nasty as I could and still stroking him up and down. Joe kneeled down on the sofa and started slapping his cock on my tits, poking at them with his long hard shaft as I held and played with them both. He stuck his cock back in my mouth and I began sucking him off and then I pulled his thickness from my mouth and licked his big round balls. Joe put his cock back in my mouth and started pumping it in and out, I could feel the weight of his heavy cock sliding across my horny wet tongue. Joe pulled his hard slicked up cock from my mouth and got me up on my knees then I leaned forward and started rubbing my tits on the sofa as Joe took off my bra. I was still on my way back up and the next thing I knew Joe was sticking my bra right in my mouth and then he grabbed my tits and started rubbing and squeezing them. He held both my boobs in his hands and started shaking them like crazy, I could feel them moving around like two big mounds of Jello. I leaned forward and got into Doggy and Joe pulled my panties to the side and then he slid his cock in my ass hole and I reached back and opened myself up wide. He slid his long thick cock in and out of my ass and then he reached down and started slapping at my tits, it's hard to tell what he'll do anyway and being blind folded really leaves you with out a clue. Just like that Joe removed the blind fold and then I laid down on my back, I held my tits and started shaking them and Joe slid his cock in right between them both. He slid his cock between my tits fucking them hard and strong as I continued shaking them, adding a vibrating effect. Joe slid his cock back in my mouth and I started sucking him off the best I could and then Joe held the back of my head up, he's such a gentlemen when we wants to be. I pulled his hard slick cock from my mouth and started slapping it on my tits and then I spit right between my boobs he went right back to fucking my tits again. Joe spread my legs wide open, putting one of my legs up over his shoulder and then he pulled my panties to the side and stuffed his thick cock right in my pussy. It's a good thing pussy's are made flexible because this Joes cock is thicker than the average Joes, I could feel my pussy opening as he stuffed his meat inside. He started ramming his cock up in me hard, fast, and strong, he had my tits bouncing out of control from the pounding he was giving my puss. He reached down and slipped off my shoe and began rubbing my foot and playing with my boobs and I reached down and rubbed my clit as he continued fucking my twat. Joe stuck the heel of my shoe in my mouth and then pushed my legs up towards my tits and I licked and sucked the heel of my shoe as he fucked my cunt with long stokes. I reached down between my thighs and started rubbing my clit hard and fast, slapping it as hard as I could bare it, making my pussy happy from both inside and out. Joe sat down on the sofa and I got up and stuffed his cock in my mouth, it was warm, wet, and sweet, having come straight from my pussy to my mouth. I grabbed and held his big hard cock tightly in my hand and then I stroked him up and down before slipping him back in my mouth. I wrapped my tits around his long slick shaft and started shaking them just like before and then he stated pumping his cock between them, straight into my mouth. I stood up on the sofa over Joe and then I bent down at the waist letting my big tits hang down right in Joes face. He started playing with my boobs and sucking on my nipples and then I squatted down on his cock and stuffed his cock back in my pussy. I reached back and spread my ass wide open as Joe fucked my snatch with every thing he had, sliding his long hard cock in and out of my horny pink hole, getting every bit of pussy that I had. I held my boobs and started shaking them and Joe started licking and sucking my on my nipples and then I took my heavy tit and started beating him in his head and face. I got down from on top of him and stood up to suck his cock, it felt warmer than before and was slicker too. I started playing with my tits with Joe's cock still I my hand and then he started pumping his cock fucking my hand and tits both. I pulled my panties to the side and got my horny ass back on top but this time facing away from him so he could see my ass bouncing up and down. I reached up and started rubbing and squeezing my boobs as Joe took over from below, ramming his cock in and out of my pussy like he really had some thing to prove. I got down from on top of him and laid down on my side and Joe began sucking on my tit and then he went right back to fucking my twat. He got up on his knees and pressed my leg up against my tits and then he started ramming his cock up in me harder than he had done all day. Joe slid his thick throbbing cock my sloppy wet puss and slid it right between my tits, sliding his cock between them both hard and fast until he shot his load in my mouth and on my tits. I grabbed his cock and rubbed my tits, using his cock to spread his cum around and then I slipped his cock back in my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could. I played with my boobs and rubbed his cum all over them both and then I stood up and Joe put my blind fold back on.

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Constance Devil in Blind folded and drilled hard!